Comprehensive Care


  • Prevention and overall healthy living

  • Early diagnosis and intervention to prevent complications

  • Assessment and treatment by a team of specialists

  • On-call medical personnel available after hours

  • Education and training in self-care and health management

  • Training for home and / or self infusions

  • Psycho - social assessments, individual and family counseling

  • Assistance with health insurance issues

  • Coordination of care with other health providers

  • Education of school nurses and daycare providers as needed

  • Education for medical professionals on management of bleeding disorder 

  • Access to leading edge research studies

  • Services offered by additional healthcare professionals such as Geneticists, Dentists, and Orthopedists (if indicated)

During one comprehensive clinic visit, patients are seen by the nurse, hematologist, physical therapist, social worker, pharmacist, geneticist, dentist, and others for an up-to-date assessment.

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