Insurance Specialist


GSHTC recognizes how the high cost of treating bleeding disorders can impact a family financially. Out staff is here to help clients with insurance and billing issues. GSHTC staffs are willing to work with clients to help them understand and manage their insurance benfits.


GSHTC is an in-netowrk provider for many plans including Medicare. Our subsidiary also serves as an provider for people who receive Medicaid for the disabled. Clients who wish to use the GS Pharmacy but don't see GSHTC on their plan should contact our Social Workers.


Billing Services


GSHTC file insurance claims for clients. The GSHTC billing staff has more than nineteen years of experience in specialized billing services for the bleeding disorder community. The billing staff works to 


  • verify coverage

  • obtain any necessary pre-approvals

  • provide letters of medical necessity

  • follow up on outstanding claims


GSHTC also keeps clients informed by providing statements showing exactly what was billed to their insurance provider and what the client's balance is, if anything.

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