Our multidisciplinary team of medical and psychosocial professionals is patient/family focused in the delivery of comprehensive care. The following team members provide expertise needed to address the medical and emotional aspects of hemophilia and other bleeding and clotting disorders.


  • Hematologists - Pediatric and Adult 

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Nurses - Clinical and Research

  • Social Workers

  • Physical Therapist

  • Dentist

  • Genetic Counselor

  • Pharmacist

  • Orthopedists

  • Specialists in Hepatology, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular, OBGyn, and other University of Texas Health Science Center services

Care Team

Get to know our Physicians:

A clinical nurse (RN) coordinator provides direct patient care addressing the hemophilia needs of the patient with a focus on teaching the patient how to recognize and treat bleeding episodes.  Other roles include:


  • Education:  one to one, school visits, community

  • Manage patient treatment, diagnostic work-ups, and  specialized studies

  • Coordinate factor medication needs for patients

  • Triage acute patient care needs 

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The physical therapist (PT) is a core team member of the comprehensive hemophilia treatment center and is knowledgeable in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric and adult musculoskeletal conditions. Other services include: 


  • Providing appropriate physical therapy intervention to patients to help prevent hemophilia-related complications

  • Educating patients/famiy/community about importance of exercise, sports,  and healthy lifestyle behaviors

  • Asissting patients to maximizes independent functional abilities  

  • Working closely with orthopedic services to:

    • facilitate referrals

    • plan pre-op and post-op physical therapy

    • coordinate radiosynovectomy procedures  


 The social worker (SW) provides a psychosocial assesment of the patient and family along with interventions to maximize quality of life. SW educate and advocate for the patient needs. Other roles include: 


  • Provide information on age appropriate programs in the hemophilia community

  • Assisting patient to coordinate insurance coverage

  • Developing patient educational programs 


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